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Run with Faith Campaign

Simply put, Issaquah Christian Church exists to empower people to reach their full potential in Christ. We believe God has called each of us in a special way to participate with Him in reaching this world in the name of Jesus. Our mission as a church is to provide the right kind of environment where people are inspired and empowered to understand what that special place is.


Because ICC is reaching new people for Jesus, we have faced an exciting challenge—we needed more space! Since our original facility can comfortably accommodate only about 100 in any given worship service, we embarked upon an ambitious building program.


It was with great joy and excitement that we completed our new Church building in October 2011. The new facility consists of a 6,500 sqft Worship Center that will seat approximately 300. This gives us much needed room to accommodate more people, and to more effectively minister to all who attend ICC. Now, our Children’s Ministry fully occupies both levels of our original facility on Sundays. During the week, the facility (now called the Ministry Center) is used by our Women's, Men's, and Youth Ministries.


We still have some work to do in expanding our parking, adding additional landscaping, remodeling our Church Offices and completing our Teen Center. With the completion of this expansion project, ICC plans to plant new churches throughout the region (as we are able).


We are in the midst of a funding campaign called: Run with Faith. By raising funds in this way (over and above our normal tithes and offerings), we are able to continue to minister unhindered both locally and globally in places such as Haiti, Philippines, and Mexico. Each week, we contribute sacrificially toward the future God is creating for us in the region. We invite you to join us on this bold, faith-filled journey!

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Under Construction: Teen Center

Worship Center (Lft) Ministry Center (Rt)

We are Partners with Church

Development Fund (CDF)


Funding for construction of our new facility was provided by Church Development Fund. For more than 50 years, CDF has provided financing for the expansion, building and growth of churches and ministries all across the United States, thanks to thousands of individuals who have invested roughly $500 million. We encourage everyone to consider investing with CDF in order to help grow the Kingdom of God.

Video Shown at our Recent RWF Info Meetings

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